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March 9, 2016

Dear President and Colorado School of Firearms Staff,

I am so glad I enrolled in your firearms safety and concealed carry class. I canít believe I waited so long before getting up the nerve to fire a handgun. My friend Jim took your class about three years ago and told me about it then and I just procrastinated enrolling because of the fear I had of shooting a gun. The nice greeting I received at the school was great. The staff made me feel at ease with myself and handled me and the other students with warm kid gloves. I knew I was in the hands of professionals and you were here for serious business.

I was made to felt like I was part of a team rather than being singled out. Soon, my hand gun felt as if it was a part of me. I became extremely comfortable in using it. I no longer have any trepidations about using a gun.

The schoolís instructional techniques are better than five star. The entire staff provided me with the ďbest of the bestĒ knowledgeable instruction; from firearm safety and handling, concealed carry state laws, care of my firearm, to how to shoot defensively. I now know what condition yellow is all about and am now living my life there.

The schoolís slogan is ďPaper targets donít shoot backĒ. Now donít get me wrong here, we started out shooting with a laser at an electronic target then live firing at paper targets, and I will continue to practice shooting at the paper targets, but if I had to shoot to stop a human threat, I can certainly do that now with out any reservation or hesitation on my part.

I learned in class that firearms are just a tool. They cannot hurt you or any body else on their own volition. They must be acted upon by human intervention. I am no longer afraid of firearms nor am I afraid of using one for survival.

To all out there in La La Land, (condition white) I urge you to sign up for a class with this school today and donít wait. You will be proud of yourself and you will learn to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will be a survivor, not a victim. And to the staff of Colorado School of Firearms, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.


April T.
Colorado Springs, Co

PS: I canít wait to take your advanced tactical pistol course, and the in home protection course using a shotgun. I am looking forward with increased anticipation each day.