1.  A Word From Your Primary Instructor.
2.  Welcome Letter About The Course.
3.  Colorado School Of Firearms Vision Statement.
4.  Colorado School Of Firearms Safety Rules.
5.  Basic Weapon Safety Procedures (And More).
6.  What To Teach Very Young Children About Firearms.
7.  Basic Skills, Knowledge And Attitudes For Using Firearms Safely.
8.  Fundamentals And Basic Make Up Of A Shotgun (Automatic And Single Shot)
9.  How To Mount Your Shotgun And Operating Your Shotgun Safely.
10. Care And Storage Of Shotgun Ammunition, Their Makeup, And How They Work.
11. Shotgun Shells And Some Of Their Names.
12. Eye Dominance Determination.
13. Basic Shotgun Shooting Fundamentals.
How to Slap the Trigger.
14. Range Safety Procedures And The Three Basic Range Commands.
15. Live Fire Range Shooting At Clay Pigeons.
16. How To Properly Clean And Store A Shotgun And Ammunition.
17. Use of Physical And Deadly Force.
18. Glossary Of Weapon And Ammunition Terms.
19. Arming Responsible People With Skills, Knowledge And Attitudes .
20. A Shooting Test Will Be Administered For Course Qualification / Certification.
21. Upon Successful Completion Of A Range Firing Test, A Presentation Of A Raised Seal Graduation
      A Certificate Will Be Awarded To The Student By The Academy President.

(NOTE): Be Sure And Call The School 24 Hours In Advance Of Your Class Date For Class Confirmation!

(NOTE): Students Under The Age Of 18 Must Be Accompanied With A Parent Or Guardian.
A. Free Coffee is Available All Day.
B. The Cost Of This Basic Course is $150.00.

C. Lunch is Available At Various Restaurants In The Area.
D. You Will Need To Bring 50 Shot Shells 7 1/2 or 8 For Your Gun
    Our gun Ammunition Is Available For A Donation Of $ 25.00 Per Box.
E. We Have guns At Our School To Loan for a $25.00  Donation.
F. Call For Our Group Rates.
G. We need 4 students to make the class.
POSTED 31 MAR 2020
Registration And Tuition Payment Is Needed In Advance To Ensure Enough Course Materials Are Available.
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